Living Expenditure in Germany

Living Expenditure in Germany

Living cost has always been one of the major concerns for the foreign students. It varies from country to country. Talking about Germany, it is quite low as compared to the countries such as United States or UK. According to recent surveys, students spend on an average around 800 Euros per month. This includes lodging, food, clothing, entertainment and books as well as university related fees, travel card and health insurance.


Moreover this cost varies with the location as well. The cities of south and west are expensive while the east cities are more affordable. University dorms are tend to be cheaper than shared flats. It cost around 250 Euro/month in dorm where as one need to pay 300-400 Euro for a month. And if a student plans to live alone by him/her self then the expected cost would somewhere be around 400-600 Euro per month. There are some websites like WG Gesucht and Immobilien Scout which would give a sense of what rents would be in the area you plan to move in.

A good thumb rule is to use current expense using a 1 for 1 home currency to Euro conversion and then add 10% to create a monthly budget. It’s better to use this figures instead of shared by other students, as they have different priorities to spend their money on.

Though it is economical to live in Germany as one can live in almost 400 Euros a month but It might make the way difficult. As many of the international students over there goes through this problem due to which they lead to sleepless nights and burden. But if a student plans a move ahead, he/she will only have to focus on the most prominent part that is STUDY.