Switzerland, a tourist destination located in central Europe; is also abode of many lakes and the beautiful mountain Alps.  Apart from being hotspot, Switzerland is renowned for its banking, finance, watches and chocolates. The main assets are learning and research due to which it attracts 1000s of students from other countries for various disciplines. The patents and Nobel prizes are the testament of the level of education that is provided in Switzerland.

Total 9 out of 11 universities are looked after by canton and rest by the confederation. The technical subjects are only taught in 2 confederation universities. Being one of the paramount investor in education, it maintains a elite standard in research, training and education which is promulgated to the students. Apart from the academic curriculum there are other opportunities where students can enjoy and have a leisure time.

The courses available not only dispense education and training of peerless quality but also give the chance to have wonderful life experiences.

Why study in Switzerland?

  • Quality education accessible to foreign students.
  • You will meet and associate with people from all over the world, giving you a very global outlook and politically neutral understanding of life.
  • Global opportunities
  • Safe and modern with high living standards
  • Easy access to road, rail networks and airports
  • Multicultural society with four official languages
  • Annual fee varies from £600 – £3000 for international students

Universities in Switzerland

  • Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland
  • Business and Hotel Management School