Work, Study… and enjoy life

Work, Study… and enjoy life


Part time work has now become a necessity for many of the students in order to look after small expenses by themselves. But is it feasible to maintain a balance between work and study? Amidst of work and study how to maintain a life?

Balance each and everything

Achieve success by setting your goals clear and balance your work n activities. In a week one almost have around 168 hours and out of it, approx 50 hours is consumed by course lectures and left hours are used in other activities. Apart from all this a student can easily take out 10-15 hours to work as part-time.

Look for the right job

There are many options as where one can work and earn. A student can find a job that pays well and has flexible timings. One can work full-time during the breaks. But if a student wants less hectic job then it’s better to look for something on campus although, the job might not pay well but it will definitely save travelling time.

A student shall opt for working at the weekends, so that he/she can focus on the studies during the week. One may not get good salary but there are other advantages such as staff discounts, free coupons, etc.

If a student aims at gaining experience in relevant field then he/she should look for the companies and work as an intern, he/she might or might not be paid for that.

Tips to Plan the things right:

  1. Schedule your day. Use planner, calendar and make class notes.
  2. Leave a marginal time as some things don’t get along well with the plan.
  3. Revise you class notes and go through the homework done which will keep you up to date.
  4. Set small goals on daily basis. Complete them and give yourself some time. Analyze & rejuvenate yourself. Life is not confined to studies and work but one should also live it.

Prioritize the work, this will actually help the student to stay focused and be ready with the assignments or upcoming test. Apart from this one can always have leisure time to do other activities as well.